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Specialised in design & Development of GDC dies for any complex aluminum alloys & Profile nomenclature. Our state of art CAD/CAM/FEA/VMC’s facilities & practices is committed to supply of Dies to the customer’s quality and delivery requirement. We take responsibility to prove out the die with respect to sound casting & dimensional approval.

FEA analysis will indicate the most possible areas of defects while during the gatting design stage itself by which the die sampling & casting trails will be minimized. We have successfully designed & developed various GDC dies for standard & Tilt type pouring process and the castings were range from 70grams to 110Kgs of weight. The most of the dies we developed are mounted with mechanism for the die opening/closing and casting ejection/release from the die holding profiles. ZS Universal also has facilities for producing sand cores to cast complex internal shapes.

Gravity Die Casting employs cast iron moulds which allow aluminium and zinc castings to be produced more accurately and cheaply than with sand casting. Tooling costs of gravity casting are a fraction of those needed for pressure die casting. The rapid chilling gives excellent mechanical properties whilst non-turbulent filling ensures production of heat treatable gravity castings with minimal porosity.

Tool and Casting Design

Our expertise can help you optimise designs, eliminating elements which add unnecessary costs to your gravity die casting. Thus we provide the benefits of automated production of aluminium or zinc die casting without high-cost tooling.

Casting Name : Covercue Resistance

Component Weight :29.12 Kegs.

Shot Weight: 67.11 Kegs.

Casting Name : Cuve Resistance

Component Weight :31.73 Kegs.

Shot Weight: 87.11 Kegs.

Casting Name : FAN HUB

Component Weight :37.53 Kegs.

Shot Weight: 42.68 Kegs.

Casting Name : PLANCHER

Component Weight :120.400 Kegs.

Shot Weight: 189.0Kegs.

Casting Name : FAN BLADE

Component Weight :2.03 Kegs.

Shot Weight: 3.05 Kegs.

Casting weight: 1.74.kg

Runner weight:0.387kg

Raiser weight: 0.551kg

Shot weight:2.69kg

Yeild: .62.0%

We are engaged into design & development of pattern toolings for hand moulding , machine moulding, Disa & Shell process. We are established in this foundry sector as an very innovative and quality driven company which produces quality pattern.

Pattern tooling is a very important equipment to produce quality & repeatable castings. We understand this in our every task thus our responsibility starts from the casting 3D model development, pattern/core design, gating design, tooling manufacturing till the finished castings were produced.

CAD solid models are the fundaments for the actual prototypes. These prototypes can be used as proof of concept, to check for the assembly fitments and may be for the marketing purpose. In general, Product development cycle will have a numerous bottle necks which in turns delay the launch of finishing goods.

The prototypes will achieve shorten time to market for a new product. Working durable prototypes are invaluable during the acceptance and initial sales phase. Proto-Components & Proto-castings being made using the state of art technologies which uses the 3D model as inputs.